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Great place with great people

Penny Dulmage

il y a un an

DT Powersports referred us to this dealer. Ms. VanKessel treated us fairly and helped us get the bush-buggy and utility trailer that we need for our very first 2-person ATV. I'm looking forward to picking it up in July and pressing it into immediate service. BTW - Ms. VanKessel delayed her lunch (with her spouse sitting in a corner) to show us the trailers and finalize the deal. Many store employees wouldn't do that! Take the drive up to Port Perry and see what they can do for you, eh.

Scuba Man

il y a un an

Great trailers and great prices!

Jason Murray

il y a 2 ans

Len was honest and upfront with me the whole time I was looking for a trailer, no BS. They don't carry the cheapest trailers out there but the Car-Mate brand is one of the best built trailers I have seen! Its been 5 months now and no issues at all with the trailer. Great service!

Jason Byrne

il y a 3 ans

Thanks Len for getting us our little kayak trailer we thought we couldn't get!! After many ignored emails and calls back that never happened Len came through. Northport was the 7th or 8 placed we emailed or called. Don't waste YOUR time like we did, give Len a call first!!!! We got our trailer for the price we wanted and the service we got can't be beat. Thanks Len! Mike & Karen

Mike Beri

il y a 3 ans

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